40% of LGBT students don’t reveal their sexuality at university


According to figures released by Stonewall, around 42 percent of LGBT+ students said that they hid their sexuality or gender identity while at the university because they are afraid of the reaction of their groupmates and professors. And a third of the 522 LGBT+ university students surveyed said that they have been abused and heard negative comments referred to their LGBT identity, which is especially common for trans students. One out of seven trans students polled have considered dropping out of their course because they were abused and harassed at the university. LGBT+ students from an ethnic minority also face significantly higher discrimination, with 37 percent stating they were not accepted by the students’ community, which is 9% higher than in cases of their white LGBT counterparts. The statistics are also particularly troubling when it comes to bisexual students, with 22 percent of those surveyed feeling uncomfortable to speak about bisexuality.


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