Adopted son has a tattoo to thank his gay dad for what he has done for him


Richard adopted Jonathan when he was 5. Now he is almost 18, and as many other teens, he expressed a desire to have a tattoo. As many other fathers, Richard said ‘no’. But when he saw the actual result, his heart melted down. Having kept the plan for his tattoo a secret, Jonathan revealed to his dad that he had been inked with a series of Roman numerals on his side. Those roman numerals translated to the date that Richard had adopted him 13 years ago. The father expected that his son would do something ridiculous he might soon regret about, but he made his dad feel very proud of him. When Jonathan was a child, the pair had celebrated the anniversary of his adoption each year. However, as Jonathan grew older, the tradition was forgotten and Richard started to doubt whether his son remembered when it had happened. So he was very surprised to find out that he did and wanted to mark it on his body. Jonathan shared the photo with friends, saying that the day would always be a special reminder about the day when his dad appeared in his life and changed it for better, it was the greatest day of his life and he does not want to forget it.



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