Anti-LGBT lobbyists want schools to forbid pupils to invite same-sex classmates to prom


Family Research Counsel led by Tony Perkins demanded to forbid same-sex prom dates. Perkins, who is alleged to have provided secret policy advice to Mike Pence and helped Trump appeal to evangelical voters, sent out a mailer to supporters urging to stop the policy of LGBT acceptance at schools. In a message to supporters, he wrote: “Family Research Council (FRC) is dedicated to ensuring our nation becomes a place… where public school children are not exposed to pro-LGBT curriculum that encourages kids to ignore biology, use gender inclusive language, and even attend events with same-sex dates.” He added that such dates were attacking constitutional freedoms, especially, as you might have guessed, the religious liberty of Christians. Perkins told supporters the group is seeking to raise $5 million, in order to “fund our ongoing vision of a culture where all human life is valued, families flourish, and religious liberty thrives.” The Family Research Council recently vowed to keep details of its discussions with the Trump administration private – after a subpoena directed activists to turn over documents relating to its work on forbidding trans people to serve in the army.


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