Troye Sivan cried when he understood he liked boys


The openly gay Aussie pop idol admits that it had not gone well when he started to realize that fact that he was attracted to men. The 22-year-old singer said that his first celebrity crush was Zac Efron (it is understandable, Zac is very attractive man) and when Troye realized it he felt sick and cried for hours. “And that was that same thing, it wasn’t, ‘This is just a little crush on a boy’ or something like that. ‘I’m not just interested in this boy — I think that he’s hot.’ And that was weird for me,” Troye told Attitude Magazine. However, a few years later he finally came in terms with who he was and came out as gay via Youtube. Since then he had been awarded for LGBT activism and found a real-life love — Topman model Jacob Bixenman. Most of Troye’s songs are now devoted to him. He says of his boyfriend: “He’s got, like, a kind of energy about him, a magnetic sort of energy. I think people can’t help but love him. He’s just got one of those personalities that draws people in. We have seen each other almost every day, unless I’ve been travelling or something. It’s kind of like having your best friend around all the time, which is really nice.”


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