Actress Heather Peace says her nanny was homophobic


Actress and musician Heather Peace had a nanny refuse to look after her three children because of that fact that she did not want to be employed by a same-sex family. As Heather’s wife Ellie would be recovering from major surgery and would be unable to lift up their two youngest children for several weeks, they started looking for a nanny. The mums-of-three were able to secure a nanny to meet with, however, the nanny refused to come when she found out that her potential employers are two women, which made her feel uncomfortable. On Twitter, Peace shared a Facebook status from her wife who slammed the nanny for judging their family without even knowing them. Heather said that the agency initially listened to their concerns, saying: “There was a phone call and then an email exchange. The lady who runs the agency did say, ‘Oh, it’s terrible to hear that in this day and age.’” However, after asking what would be done to make amends and to prevent this happening to other families, the agency blocked Ellie’s email address. The pair then emailed from an alternative email address but did not receive any reply. When the agency head finally responded, it was: “Well, we booked an au pair for two gay guys recently, she turned up at their house and they didn’t want her because she was ‘too fat to fit in their bathroom’ so prejudice happens on every level.”


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