British newspaper bosses hit back at accusations of transphobia


UK newspaper editors have defended themselves from criticism after repeatedly criticizing transgender community which led to so-called moral panic. Representatives of The Sun, The Times, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, the Daily Telegraph and Metro all appeared before Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee’s hate crime inquiry last week stating that they have never had a purpose to offend any minority group and they deeply regret for making people say so. Labour MP Stephen Doughty used the opportunity to challenge newspaper bosses over a spike in of negative stories about transgender people and accused the media of promoting unpleasant hate material referring to trans community. “Nearly half of all transgender schoolchildren have attempted suicide. 41 percent of all transgender people have suffered hate crime just in the last year. When we see the suicide and hate crime figures, do you accept any responsibility whatsoever for generating the type of atmosphere that transgender people face in this country?” he told the editors.


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