Doctor refused to treat newborn girl because she has 2 moms


Jami and Krista Contreras took their baby to a local paediatrician for her first check-up six days after her birth. They live in Michigan, where sexuality and gender identity are not included into anti-discriminatory laws, which means it is technically legal to discriminate against LGBT people. Dr. Vesna Roi, who they had met with before their daughter, Bay Windsor, was born, failed to show up for their appointment at Eastlake Paediatrics. When they asked for explanations they were told that the doctor ‘prayed on it’ and made a decision tot to appoint them because she was not able to “develop the personal patient-doctor relationships” with such kind of family. When they asked whether it was legal for the doctor to say so they received a shocking respond — it is. But they felt offended, humiliated and disrespected, which is definitely wrong. And their newborn girl should not suffer from that fact that the doctor does not like a family she happened to be born in.


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