Sara Bareilles hinted on liking women


American singer-songwriter has made a surprising announcement on Twitter last week. It all started when a fan asked their followers about “Love Song,” one of Sara’s top hits. In the 2007 track, Bareilles sings about how she would be happy to write a love song – but only if she wants to, not because somebody asks her for it. “Would @SaraBareilles be as popular today if she wrote him a love song because he asked for it?” the fan asked. “it was never about a he,” the 38-year-old composer responded. Fans were shook, and the GIFs and memes flowed in, expressing ‘gay panic’ ands ‘gay shock’ of the fans in ‘20gayteen’. As countless Bareilles fans pointed out in the comments – and as the Waitress composer has said herself – the song was really about her frustrations with her record label and its apathetic responses to her creations — it was not neither about ‘he’ nor ‘she’, in was about ‘it’. Though the question about her sexuality is open — she never revealed whom she is actually attracted to.


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