Supreme Court to hear Christian bakery ‘gay cake’ case in 4 years


Ashers Bakery in Belfast, which is owned by born-again Christians Daniel and Amy McArthur, will be challenging a ruling made in 2014 that a refusal to bake a cake in support of same-sex marriages was discriminatory. Although the pair were found guilty of discrimination in May 2015, they have challenged the ruling through every court available, so the battle lasted years and years. This will be the first of two Supreme Court rulings made in Belfast as the highest court in the UK enters Ireland for the first time. Bakery owners Daniel and Amy McArthur claimed that painting pro-LGBT messages on the cake seems sinful for him. The McArthurs also abruptly cancelled an order for a cake celebrating the engagement of Joe Palmer and Andy Wong in April 2017. The baker’s experienced a €200,000 surge in profits in May 2017 after the second row unfurled.


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