28 percent of Republican delegates showed support to a homophobic candidate Scott Lively


Scott Lively has succeeded in forcing his way into a Republican primary – after one in four Massachusetts Republican delegates voted in favor of the preacher who believes that gay people should be imprisoned. Massachusetts preacher Scott Lively has links to anti-LGBT movements across the world, particularly in those countries which are already far enough from being pro-LGBT. He also penned a controversial book, The Pink Swastika, that blames gay people for the Holocaust, also gay people were put in Nazi concentration camps and tortured as well as Jews during the World War II. The pastor, who is running Governor of Massachusetts as a primary challenger to incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Baker, this week won the vote of more than a quarter of delegates at the state GOP convention. Lively picked up 626 votes (27.67 percent) from delegates at the convention. While he trailed Baker’s 1,577 votes (69.7 percent), Lively far exceeded the 15 percent threshold needed to advance to a public primary.


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