American Muslims are for equality


The news comes from the Public Religion Research Institute’s 2017 American Values Atlas, which surveyed more than 40,000 Americans from across the United States about their views on social issues throughout 2017.  The research found out that even though the major religious leaders are against same-sex marriages, the believers themselves tend to become more accepting since same-sex marriages were legally recognized across the country. The PRRI notes: “Most religious groups in the U.S. now support same-sex marriage, including overwhelming majorities of Unitarians (97 percent), Buddhists (80 percent), the religiously unaffiliated (80 percent), Jewish Americans (77 percent), and Hindus (75 percent). Roughly two-thirds of white mainline Protestants (67 percent), white Catholics (66 percent), Orthodox Christians (66 percent), and Hispanic Catholics (65 percent) also favor same-sex marriage”. As for Muslims, more than a half of them are pro-equality and only 15% are against. The rest have no certain opinion about the issue.


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