Don’t be a drag, just be a KIING. Male cross-dresser crowned at prom


Adam Bell, 18, took the title at Powdersville High School in South Carolina, 49% of his classmates voted for him and they knew he would appear at the prom party wearing a dress as it was the most natural way of self-expression for a gay schoolboy and the school has never objected to it . But the parents of his classmates were so angry when he took the title that the school’s Facebook page was temporarily blocked. But the boy does not care, he is focused on those who love and support him. Speaking to local TV station WSPA, he said that “the kids were actually the ones standing up to the adults and being more supportive than ever.” “I greatly appreciate all my friends and even people I haven’t even talked to at the school who were standing up to the adults and even their own parents who would comment.” “For every one negative comment, I was responding back to seven positive comments,” he added, promising never to stop expressing himself. Graduation is at the end of May, and Bell said he had no fear about coming in a dress.


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