Caitlyn Jenner denied gossips about marrying young trans model


Heat magazine had this week claimed that Jenner, 68, is planning to tie the knot to Sophia Hutchins, age 21. The two transgender women often appear at public events together and even have common vacations, but Jenner insists that they are no more than friends. Jenner has been married three times before to Chrystie Jenner (1972 to 1981), Linda Thompson (1981 to 1986) and Kris Jenner (1991 to 2015) and she does not want to marry again, especially a woman. Female friend? Yes. Female companion? Maybe. Female lover? Quite unlikely, three ex wives are4 enough, she had been there and knows what it is, she does not want it anymore.

Jenner was forced to turn down a transgender activism award in October following anger and demands that it be rescinded. The award was from St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, a network of community healthcare centers in Los Angeles. She was due to receive an honor for her support of their Transgender Health Program, at their Eleganza ball.


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