Ne-Yo addressed rumors about his sexuality


In a new episode of Madame Noire’s Spin and Spill the Tea series, Ne-Yo opened up about his love life. Love is love, love wins, he is a proud ally. But it does not mean that he is attracted to men himself. His heart belongs to only one person, he is married to this person and whether someone likes it or not, this person is a woman, so rumors that he could be gay seem totally ridiculous. “I ain’t never been gay, and when the whole gay rumor thing happened, that was one of the ones that kind of threw me a little bit. Anybody that knows me knows that nothing could be farther from the truth,” he said, noting once again that there is no need to belong to some community if you want to send your love and support to it, he has a lot of gay fans and he loves them, there is no controversy between supporting LGBT and being a straight man loving his wife.


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