Ohio woman faces state probes for trying to ‘cure’ homosexuality with cabbage juice


Jillian Epperly, 44, claims that the juice drink can reverse the ageing process, autism, and Down syndrome. She also stated that if a person with missing limbs or inner organs drinks enough cabbage juice, then the missing body parts will regrow. And, as you might have guessed, she believes that cabbage juice makes gay people straight. The juice is a blended combination of salt, water, kale or cabbage, which is fermented at room temperature over a few days and people should drink a gallon of it per day. The attorney general’s office informed initial complainants that their queries had been passed on to the FDA or the State Medical Board of Ohio, though following further complaints, it has taken action itself, and sent Epperly a letter requesting “written data, reports, and evidence regarding claims made on jillyjuice.com and in testimonials,” said spokesperson Kate Hanson, noting that for people with certain health conditions it might be dangerous to undergo such a ‘treatment’, the effectiveness of which is not scientifically proven.


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