Drag Race’s Willam Belli said politicians paid him for sex when he was a teen


Willam Belli, who appeared as a contestant on the hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race, has opened up about selling his body when he was just 17. Belli made a splash on the fourth season of Drag Race by getting eliminated for breaking the rules. But before becoming an actor, singer and reality TV star, he was still having sex for money as he revealed to his drag co-star Katya, who also used to be a sex worker in Boston. “I went to town on that prick’s prick, it was large but not intimidating. It was curved and proportionate to his giant body. It was the most wonderful first hooking experience ever,” Katya said about that period. Belli revealed he performed oral sex on eight Republicans during the Republican National Convention in 2000. Belli said that while he had 130 clients, he was “mainly an oral girl,” and only had penetrative sex with about eight of them.


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