New equalities minister Penny Mordaunt: Northern Ireland deserves equal marriage


Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that does not recognize same-sex marriages due to the strong opposition of it from the Democratic Unionist Party. Following the collapse of Northern Ireland’s devolved power-sharing government, campaigners say the responsibility for bringing about equal marriage now lies with the UK Parliament and the PM Theresa May promised to try her best to make it real. Mordaunt replaced former Home Secretary Amber Rudd in an appointment announced last Monday and she is also for equality. Mordaunt, who is also the Secretary of State for International Development, was asked by activists from the Love Equality campaign to solve the problem of the lack of government in Northern Ireland. Mordaunt voted in favour of the 2015 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) bill that brought equal marriage to England and Wales. Backbench bills seeking to extend same-sex unions to Northern Ireland are currently awaiting a second reading in the House of Commons and House of Lords, after the twin bills were submitted by Conservative peer Lord Hayward and Labour MP Conor McGinn. The bills are due to receive a second reading in Parliament on May 11.


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