Anti-gay Republican Scott Lively is accused of assault


Lively has links to anti-LGBT movements across the world, particularly in deprived countries. Human rights watchdogs said that he is mostly to blame for anti-gay laws and keeping homosexuality illegal in most of the developing countries. But in an interview with public radio station WBUR, Lively came under the microscope over a 1991 incident as one woman accused the now-politician of abusing her. When WBUR interviewer Meghna Chakrabarti brought up the incident, Lively derided the “predatory” journalism and hit out at the “gotcha interview” and the accusation of assault was made up by the journalist of one of the popular gay magazines in order to ‘revenge’ Mr. Lively for his anti-gay views. “One of the reasons why I wrote ‘The Pink Swastika‘ [is] because the accusations that were being leveled against people just simply because we said that no, we don’t agree with special rights for people based on sexual orientation.So they started saying because of that anyone who opposes special rights for homosexuals is like the Nazis,” he said.


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