Anti-trans leaflets are spread at women’s FA Cup final


Fans attending the Arsenal v Chelsea game at Wembley Stadium were handed leaflets by activists from ‘Mayday4Women’, a group that opposes transgender rights and believes that transgender women, to whom they refer as ‘male-bodied’, should not take parts in competitions alongside and against other (cis) women. The leaflet claims that “testosterone levels hardly decrease” in trans women who take hormones and undergo gender confirmation surgery – a claim that would appear to be at odds with biology – before claiming that “Men recognized as Transwomen are allowed to compete with 3X higher testosterone levels.” The leaflets have been condemned by LGBT groups who work to challenge hate and discrimination in sport. Lindsay England of Just A Ball Game condemned the leaflets, calling them hateful and disrespectful. A spokesperson for Pride in Football, in turn, added: We are concerned that transphobic hate literature was distributed at Wembley for the Women’s Cup Final and have asked the FA to let us know a) whether stewards and police were aware and b) if any action was taken. We, along with LGBT+ fan groups Gay Gooners and Chelsea Pride, encourage anyone who has any information to contact Kick it Out, who will liaise with the Met Police”.


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