Canadian conservative candidate sacked for expressing disgust to gay marriage


The centre-right Progressive Conservative (PC) Party, led by Doug Ford, had initially rejected calls to remove Tanya Granic Allen as their candidate in an election to the Ontario Legislative Assembly after she claimed in Twitter that she was against same-sex marriages and abortions and believed homosexuality could and should be cured. When the video of her speaking about LGBT rights went viral she was suspended. The video spread rapidly on social media, shared by Allen’s liberal opponents – leading Ford to eventually eject her as a candidate, they support diversity of opinions and expression, but the words the woman chose for representing her views showed her irresponsibility towards certain categories of people, and that is why she cannot represent the party. Granic Allen responded on Twitter: “I’m disappointed to have been told by @fordnation ‘s campaign manager that I’m no longer a candidate. I’ll have more to say about this and Ontario politics in the coming days. #onpoli”.


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