Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears yells LGBT people to keep their values


In a candid interview about how it feels for him to be a gay man the band’s frontman said that people need to understand that there is no need to fit any so-called traditional standards of love to know that you are loved, happy and accepted. “It’s important that as society becomes more inclusive, we’re allowed to marry each other, that we keep our queer values,” he added, people live their own lives and there is no need for them to be assumed. He added that in the current America he feels safe now but understands that there is a reason for him and his community to be scared. “I think it’s very important to keep a dialogue, face to face, as much as possible. I think as people, we’re isolating ourselves. We’re talking to each other through our phones, arguing, those divisions freak me out,” Jake said about political and social disagreements in society. I do think it’s possible to change people’s minds,” he added, “It’s one of my goals with my music. I hope that I do make music that can speak to anyone. I don’t just want to play for a queer crowd.”


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