A married gay couple was denied housing for years though one of them was terminally ill


Andrew and Gustavo William-Coleman said that they have been “pushed from pillar to post” during their five-year fight for a flat in north-west London. One of them, Andrew, suffers from a number of health problems, in part cancer, arthritis and a curvature of the spine. He and husband Gustavo were evicted by their landlord in 2013 after serving an improvement notice for repairs to be made to the accommodation and for all these years they have been living by a friend. Gustavo also experiences severe learning difficulties and is unable to work. While staying at their friend’s flat, they have called the police three times because their friend’s homophobic neighbors threatened to attack them. William-Coleman has logged more than 50 complaints with the council and has rallied local politicians for support. The council offered him a studio flat in March 2018, but it “went against all of our medical needs.”


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