Comedian Peter Kay faces backlash for transphobia


In one of the episodes of the Peter Kay’s Car Share the comedian made a joke some watchers considered hateful towards transgender people. Unlike other episodes of the popular show, this episode was entirely improvised by Kay and co-host Sian Gibson. In character, the two comedians are listening to a letter being read out on the radio. In the letter, a woman complains that her partner liked to dress up in women’s clothes, and suggested he might be trans. The joke continues to say that the caller’s spouse was attacked by “a gang of lads” but ended up in a coma as Gordon “couldn’t outrun them in his high heels.” To this Gibson, or rather her character, said she would turn the life support off. Many people have taken to social media to condemn the show and the BBC for broadcasting it. Some viewers highlighted that many trans people experience high rates of violence and discrimination, and that sketches like this could attract people’s attention to this problem.


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