Germaine Greer denies making transphobic remarks though there are proofs


Feminist author Germaine Greer has denied saying that to her mind it would not be enough to get rid of a penis to be called a woman. During Genderquake: The Debate, a program intended to discuss gender in modern society which has since been heavily criticized, Greer was challenged on comments she had made three years ago and she said she did not believe she could ever say so. After Greer stated that she had never appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, Newman clarified that she had made the comments in a statement to the program without appearing. Then she was asked whether she agrees with these words and the answer was that a person without a penis is not necessarily a woman and a person without a womb is not necessarily a man. Well, if to look at it from this point of view we could agree if we did not know that 3 years ago she said it much ruder. Greer then denied that a woman had to have a womb, or that a man required a penis. However, the author then reiterated the comments she originally denied making.


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