Greece allowed same-sex fostering


The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes to 103 on May 9. It states that same-sex civil partners (same-sex marriage is not legal in Greece but civil partnership is allowed for same-sex couples as an option if they want to have their relationships recognized) are now permitted to foster children, though there are still limits concerning legally adopting them. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed the result of the vote. Syriza, his left-wing ruling party, supported the passing of the bill, though the right-wing MPs stood firmly against it. Tsipras said: “Fostering provides for the return of the child to its natural parents, who must retain contact with the child during its fostering time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that fostering is an act of altruism, solidarity, and service of those who choose it”. Indeed, fostering means that you are not legally related to a child. But people decide to be parents not for legal documents, they do it because they have a lot of unspent love. And if there are children who need love, then why not to give it to them?


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