Schoolgirl was told to hide her LGBT T—shirt


Andria Zavala, an eighth-grade student, was told her outfit was “a distraction to other people and their beliefs” by her school’s principal and told to cover it by bottoning up her jacket. She complained to the local press that it was an Easter gift from her mom and she was wearing it proudly. “I also think (the shirt) stands for pride, pride in being unapologetically yourself and not having to apologize for your sexual orientation.” She adds that if pupils belong to some religious groups or interest clubs they are allowed to express it with clothes. The dress code for the Clovis Unified Schools District, which runs Andria’s school, states: “All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance and shall be worn within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for school.” A spokeswoman for the district told The Fresno Bee that the school’s principal had spoken to Andria about the T-shirt but denied demanding to cover it up. “She posed the question to the student to let the student decide what her purpose was in wearing the shirt,” the spokeswoman said. She added that no disciplinary action was taken.


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