Adam Rippon says that everything is serious with his boyfriend


The openly gay Olympic bronze medalist revealed that his Finnish-born boyfriend Jussi-Pekka Kajaala whom he met via dating app some time ago is now considering moving out to the USA to be closer to Adam. The US figure skater won the support of queer hearts across the world during the Winter Olympics with his A-grade sass, and outspoken support of the LGBT community. The figure skater revealed was not single anymore via social networks a month ago. Speaking to PEOPLE, Rippon revealed he and Kajaala had talked for “seven months” before finally making it official. Rippon is currently taking part in the athletes’ edition of Dancing with the Stars, and has called for a version of the show featuring same-sex couples to be made. Rippon had to fend off date requests left and right after the Olympics, having had a rather public advance from actress Sally Field on behalf of her gay son. The pair actually did later meet up, though Rippon added that they’re likely to just be friends.


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