John Bishop is proud that his son is gay


The British comedian said that as every parent he might have problems with all three his sons, but nothing, nothing in this world can make him stop loving and being proud of each of them. “One of my sons has a tattoo on his ankle that was meant to be Africa but looks like Australia, one of my sons mumbles and one of my sons is a gay man,” he said, “I’ll be honest, there’s been loads of nights when me and my wife have sat up and worried and worried and worried. What are we going to do if he doesn’t stop mumbling?” The 51-year old, who recently finished his Winging It tour, went on to urge Northern Ireland telling them to finally recognize same-sex marriages that are legal in the rest of the UK. “I went to have a chat with some people from the Rainbow Trust who put together the biggest gay pride in the whole of Ireland and it was a real lesson to me. I spoke to them about when the first pride march happened. It is people like this who really paved the way. Now the gay pride in Belfast has 60,000 people turn up,” he said.


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