Transgender wedding in India


Surya and Ishaan K Shaan became the first trans pair to ever marry in Kerala, a state in India with more than 34 million people. Indian law allowed trans people to marry only recently, so the two used this opportunity to hold a traditional Indian ceremony in front of 500 guests. “We are now officially a couple – husband and wife and we will show the world that we can love and live a marriage too,” said Surya, who is a TV host and a trans rights activist. The pair met late last year at an event, started dating, and almost immediately decided that they could not live without each other. Ishan, who sits on the Transgender Justice Board, said: “We had known of one another for years, but weren’t friends,” The News Minute has reported, “Six months ago, we met at a programme in Kozhikode and got to know each other. I proposed to her, knowing that she had the same feelings for me.” The parents of both blessed them, though the bride’s mother did not attend the wedding and they admitted that not all relatives are ready to accept it, so they hope that their marriage will be a step forward to acceptance for all transgender Indians.


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