Actor Ryan Reynolds turned into a rainbow unicorn for South Korean reality


Ryan Reynolds has dressed up as a rainbow unicorn to surprise fans on a South Korean reality TV show with a performance of “Tomorrow” from Annie. This is how the prominent LGBT ally, who has two daughters with his wife Blake Lively , promoted the sequel of Deadpool, the first superhero movie ever with a pansexual main character. During his promotional tour of South Korea, Reynolds went on King of Mask Singer, a televised singing competition in which contestants wear masks to stay unrecognizable. Keeping himself hidden behind a rainbow unicorn mask and a rainbow-lined cloak, the actor got supportive cheers and applause for his performance. Speaking afterwards, the Deadpool actor said he had never sung on stage before, calling himself one of “the top five worst singers in the universe.” He joked that he was wearing an adult diaper due to nerves, adding that his performance had even been kept secret from Blake, who was unaware that her husband could sing. To the audience, he said: “Hello everybody. I’m so sorry about that song” and added that it was an honor to sing for them.


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