LGBT activists attacked for wearing rainbow badges in China


Two LGBT activists were reportedly attacked by security guards in Beijing, China, for wearing Pride badges in the wake of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia And Transphobia which is traditionally celebrated on May 17. On Sunday, as part of a small LGBT gathering in the 798 art district of Beijing, security services responsible for the area violently blocked two people from attending the event because they had rainbow badges. Video of the incident shows one woman being thrown to the ground by a person wearing a security uniform while another was pushed and hit by people identified by uniform as security guards. Security services then banned other people wearing the badges from entering the area and told organizers not to give people the badges. The organizer of the event told state-media outlet Global Times that two women were hospitalized in the aftermath of the attack. She added that attacking people for wearing badges was a sheer absurd and a number of the local LGBT activists agreed with such a viewpoint.


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