New Maltesers advert is devoted to lesbian dating


Maltesers, which is owned by Mars, has followed in the footsteps of frozen food company McCain, which featured a lesbian couple in its advert. Sarah opens the advert by looking at her phone and complaining how hard it is for her to date. One of her friends asks whether her lesbianism is the reason. She says ‘no’, and then comes a suggestion that it might be because she is a vegetarian. Sarah says ‘no’ and comes out to friends as… an accountant! Friends start shaming her, saying that it is disgusting and unnatural and asking how is she going to tell parents about it. It is one of the greatest examples of an irony on homophobia we have ever seen! Michele Oliver, Marketing VP at Mars Chocolate UK, explained that the ad was part of a broader drive to shine a light on underrepresented women. “The adverts recreate real-life situations faced by women from different groups in society who you don’t often see or hear from,” said Oliver.


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