Trump rolls back protection for trans inmates


Trump’s administration is reversing the Obama-era law allowing transgender people to use facilities in correspondence with their gender identity. The new Transgender Offender Manuel that was published online by Buzzfeed and it stated that biological sex should be used as a defining factor in choosing facilities fir prisoners, and gender identity is a secondary thing that is to be considered only in rare cases. The new guidelines for trans prisoners state that – although prison staff should “consider the health and safety of the transgender inmate” – officials should also “consider whether placement would threaten the management and security of the institution and/or pose a risk to other inmates in the institution.” Evangelical Christians of Texas are reportedly staying behind such a decision as they have sued the US District court demanding to recognize the biological sex as the primary factor for prison facilities. The complaint lodged by the lawyers of the women referred to trans women as “men” and insists that current policies are “a politically-driven agenda” that “creates a situation that incessantly violates the privacy of female inmates.” The plaintiff’s claim that by being in prison with trans women they are “subjected to dangerous conditions”. The DoJ defended trans inmates, saying “have not yet proven a threat”. However, it did not defend the policy that would have protected them.


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