Vermont passes a new law to make public bathrooms gender-neutral


Lawmakers in Vermont have passed a groundbreaking law that turns all public bathrooms for single users into gender-neutral ones. Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill that now requires all self-contained public bathrooms to be explicitly open to people of all genders. This bill will affect toilets in a variety of publicly used buildings, including government buildings, shops, schools and recreational facilities. Bill H.333 passed in the Vermont house in April 2017, but it took more than a year for the bill to reach the Senate. At the bill-signing ceremony, Governor Scott said it was an honor for him to finally sign it into law. “This is especially important for kids in school who face anxiety and bullying over something as simple as using the restroom,” he said,“Treating others in this way is not who we are as Vermonters, and I hope the signing of this bill will send a powerful message that that’s not the way we act.”


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