The Equalities Chief of the UK Parliament says that trans reforms are halted because the Government is not stable enough


Maria Miller, the chair of Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee, has questioned why the government is taking so long to reform laws relating to transgender people and she said that partly because the institutions which should be responsible for it are changing too often, Ministers of Equalities in UK are replacing one another faster than ministers responsible for other aspects of life in the country. During the panel, Maria Miller highlighted that the government has not yet responded to a series of 33 recommendations made by the Women and Equalities Committee, including the reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. “In terms of why has the government not yet published the consultation, I would also say why have they not addressed some of the 33 recommendations that were in the report that we issued three years ago. This is continuing to be put into that box marked ‘too difficult’. My slight frustration is that a lot of the recommendations in our report were more pressing than reforming the Gender Recognition Act, particularly in access to health services and the way training is put in place for other public service organizations. I rather regret that the GRA has become so totemic and eclipsed everything else,” she said.


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