The Pride organizer in the capital of Lebanon is detained


Hadi Damien, who created the LGBT festival in Beirut, was detained for questioning without a clear reason and later released. “The police closed down one of the two events last night and took Hadi in for questioning. He was released about an hour and a half ago and now the rest of pride is suspended. Everyone here is waiting on the full explanation to be published,” PinkNews reports citing an anonymous source. Beirut Pride’s Facebook page confirmed what Damien himself has told his followers, writing that he had been released and the Beirut Pride will be held, even though the dates could be rescheduled. Beirut Pride was held for the first time last year, as Islamist threats failed to stop the festival – which was said to be the first in the Arab world. More than 4,000 people attended parties, workshops, and conferences as part of the week-long event. Damien said last year that attendance at the week-long event had “surpassed all initial expectations” despite it also suffering a forced cancellation.


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