Jason Statham said sorry for homophobic remarks


The actor, who has made his name as an action hero in films like Snatch, The Expendables and the Fast & Furious series, released a statement after a recording him saying an F-word went viral. During filming for the 2015 blockbuster Wild Card, the star and long-time producing partner Steven Chasman got into a heated discussion in which the offensive remark was made. According to The Blast, R.J. Cipriani, an associate producer on the film – which also starred Milo Ventimiglia, Stanley Tucci and Sofía Vergara – recorded the quarrel and revealed it, so the actor is now apologizing. “Someone approached me claiming to have a tape of me using terms offensive to the LGBTQ community during a conversation I had with my producing partner, on a movie set five years ago,” the star said, adding that he does not remember the incident and has never heard a record in question. But if he really said so then it was a horrible mistake he is sorry for. “Anyone who knows me knows it doesn’t reflect how I feel about the LGBTQ community. While I cannot fix what was said in the past, I can learn from it and do better in the future,” he adds


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