Convicted domestic abusers won’t be allowed to have guns in New York State


Convicted perpetrators of domestic violence will no longer be able to purchase or own guns in the state New York according to the new legal measure. The measure, which has been introduced under the 2018 Women’s Agenda, has been passed by an overwhelming majority of 85-32 in the State Assembly and 41-19 in the State Senate. The state’s governor Andrew Cuomo noted that violence is a terrible thing in any shape, and if a person is known to be violent at home than this person should not be able to possess weapon because nobody knows how far the violence of those people may go. And gun protection laws, he believes, would make the state stronger and safer. In a 2017 report, firearms were used in 54 percent of all female homicides, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cuomo also commented on the fact that since the rise up against gun violence after the Parkland shooting, the Trump administration has “failed” to respond to the movement towards gun prevention legislation, stating that it is “unconscionable”.


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