Gay writer from Kansas tells LGBT people that his homeland is not as homophobic as they think and advises them to come and check


C.J. Janovy is a lesbian writer who wants to prove that Kansas is actually much more than a home for the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church, it is also her home and there is no better place for her in the whole wide world. The writer estimated that there are no less than 100,000 LGBT people in the 3-million-population state, as she wrote in his paragraph for GSN. Being asked about whether LGBT tourist can go to Kansas, she said that obviously yes, moreover, they should do it. Flint Hills are one of her favorite places in Kansas. “This was where the buffalo once roamed. A few still do. Part of it is the National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, protecting what little remains of the grasslands that once covered 170 million acres of North America,” Janovy shares. Castle Rock and Monument Rocks are the dramatic landscapes thanking to which she chose Kansas as her home. She had many variants — from Boston to San Francisco — and most of them went further in LGBT acceptance than Kansas, but they are still not the places her heart belongs to, Kansas is. “Besides, there’s a place for LGBTI people to make pilgrimages here, too. It’s the Equality House, a rainbow-colored home directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church’s grotesque compound in Topeka.A few years ago, a peace activist named Aaron Jackson bought the house for his non-profit, called Planting Peace. He painted it the colors of the rainbow flag in a gesture of love to counter the message of hate spewing from across the street,” she adds.


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