The Oxford English Dictionary now includes more LGBT-related terms


The Oxford English Dictionary has added trans (in wide meaning, including not only transgender people but all gender identities), ambisexual, asexual and bi-gender to its lexicon. The word ‘trans’ is described as “originally used to include explicitly both transsexual and transgender, or (now usually) to indicate the inclusion of gender identities such as gender-fluid, agender, etc., alongside transsexual and transgender.” The Asexual Visibility and Education Network was founded in 2001, and the term originated years before, but only now it is added to the general vocabulary and defined as being “without sexual feelings or associations.” Ambisexual is a less commonly used term, but has risen in popularity as a word for people who are, as the OED puts it, “bisexual or androgynous.” And the term has been used since 1930s. According to the OED, bi-gender, another word added to the dictionary today, is “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity encompasses two genders.”


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