Homophobes attacked a partner of Danish politician


Josue Medina Vazquez, who has been engaged to the Danish Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen for a year, experienced a homophobic attack near one of the bars of Copenhagen in Thursday. A man allegedly shouted: “I do not like homosexuals” before punching Vazquez in the face at the LA Tequila Bar in the city’s Gammel Mønt street. The police have already arrested the man and promised he would face hate crime charges. Vazquez, who grew up in the Dominican Republic, has posted a picture on Facebook which says: “No to hate crimes.” Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who leads the Coalition which Poulsen serves in, also noted that in 2018 people should not be afraid of being who they are and loving whom they want. Poulsen, who is leader of the Danish Conservative Party, has served as the country’s justice minister since 2014.


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