Lyft driver kicks gay couple out of his car because they kissed


Lyft is facing accusations of homophobia after a driver in Indiana could not handle a gay couple kissing in the car. Ben Martella and Alec Jansen, two students at universities in Indianapolis, used the ride-sharing app Lyft to travel across the city on May 5. But the driver told them to get out as he spotted them briefly locking lips. The pair said they were ‘stunned and upset’ by the incident, adding that it was far from a passionate kiss, it was just a slight touch of lips. “[The driver] said, ‘I’m going to end your ride. I can’t have that in my car. I don’t have that here.’ I was really upset. It was a big reaction for such a small display of affection between two guys,” one of them told the local press. Lyft refused to go into detail when asked for more information by Martella, but later told the Indy Star that the driver had already been sacked. Martella and Jansen were not satisfied by this, and are now considering taking the incident to the state branch of the ACLU.


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