Shon Faye asks public to ‘centre trans women’ in Amnesty speech as there is a demand to remove her


After the writer and comedian was asked to present the festival, a petition calling for the removal of Faye circulated, and accrued 2292 signatures. Now she hits back the critics and encourages people to focus on transgender rights instead. Signatures on the petition consistently misgendered Faye, referred to her as a “man”. One referred to her as “abusive” and another as a “pervert”. But instead of responding to this she paid tribute to those transgender women who are brave enough to resist all this abuse. Faye also paid tribute to Naomi Hersi at the festival opening in Shoreditch. The 31 year old black trans woman was stabbed in London in March and Faye called her one of her black and brown trans siblings. “I think of the trans woman of colour in my hometown of Bristol, so badly brutalised by Avon and Somerset Police in the hours after attempting to take her own life in 2015, the force ultimately had to pay out damages,” she added.


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