Grindr date rapists will spend 15 years behind bars


Two men in Scotland have been jailed for a total of 15 years after they attacked two men, whom they had met via popular gay dating app, and raped them. Mohammed Khan received a seven year prison sentence, while the 17-year-old whose identity cannot be revealed due to legal reasons was handed eight years in detention, reports STV. The pair, who described themselves as ‘two discreet lads’ on the dating app, raped two men in two separate incidents in Glasgow in September 2017, reported The BBC. In one of the cases the victim was raped by the teen after having a consensual sexual act with Khan. In the other case Khan blackmailed the victim and said he would beat him if he refused to have sex. Another two men were also tried in the court for robbing and attacking men alongside Khan and the teenager in a separate incident. The four of them were charged for previously attacking and robbing a man after luring him to an industrial estate.


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