James Blunt is sure he could win Eurovision


Singer-songwriter James Blunt has said he wants to represent the UK at next year’s Eurovision and he has no doubt that it will be successful. Speaking to Publik DELFI after playing a concert in Tallinn, Estonia, Blunt said that he wanted to change the reputation of Britain in the singing contest. “I guess the thing I’m saddest about is that the UK just — it’s so bad — England never wins and I’m really just waiting for them to call me because I’m here to fix this,” the singer said. Blunt was then asked when he would consider taking part in the contest himself. He said that only when the country is ready to win. Blunt also praised 2018 Eurovision champion Israel, which was represented by Netta. “I thought it was great. I genuinely thought it was exciting and different and full of character and was so relieved it won,” Blunt said of the Israeli singer and her performance.


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