Is Texas ready for a lesbian Governor?


Lupe Valdez has become the first openly lesbian candidate to win a nomination for Texas Governor, challenging the notorious homophobe Greg Abbott who is currently ruling the state, she already bet Andrew White by five percentage points in the Democratic run-off on May 22. In a rousing victory speech, she paid tribute to her female beloved and promised to turn the state into a better place to live in. The woman dismissed fears that she can’t win against her heavily backed opponent in the November election. And Valdez wasn’t the only LGBT candidate making history in Texas yesterday, as lesbian veteran Gina Ortiz Jones won the right to contest the 23rd Congressional District in November. Before she came out, Valdez was in the Women’s Army Corps, at a time when her friends who were gay or were suspected to be ones were discharged without honors. When she first ran for sheriff in 2004, she was expected to lose heavily. She won, by 51 percent to 49 percent, and steadily increased her margin of victory in subsequent votes. Last year, she won her third election by 59 percent to 37 percent. Valdez said that turning out minority votes was key to this widening gap between her and her Republican challengers.


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