Pride organizers say Primark’s Pride merchandise range insulted them


Discount clothing chain Primark is to sell LGBT Pride merchandising in stores. The cut-priced clothing company has announced that it will bring Pride merch to select stores across Europe and the US as Primark is partnered to British LGBT charity Stonewall. However, the news has not gone down well with some LGBT activists, who have challenged Stonewall over the deal as profits won’t be given to Pride organizers on the local level. The UK Pride Organizers Network, which brings together organizers of more than 140 LGBT+ Pride events around the UK called the deal an insult and told Stonewall to cut ties with Primark. A number of Twitter users also condemned the deal. Stonewall, a campaigning and advocacy organization, does not run or provide funding to local Pride events. Others noted that Primark’s supply chain is largely reliant on cheap goods and labour from Bangladesh and India – where homosexuality is illegal and workers have few rights.


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