Too good at goodbyes. Are queer women better at breaking up?


A new argument has proffered that lesbian and bi women are in fact the best at breaking up with their partners. The relationship expert is not surprised saying that women are more emotionally intelligent towards one another. It means that even when a woman leaves another woman she tries her best not to hurt her, feelings are more Important for them than saving faces, that’s what differs homosexual couples from heterosexual ones, that are bothering too much about their reputations. For queer women it is also more important to keep connections with other members of queer community, that is why, if they break up they usually don’t burn bridges and prefer to stay friends. While women might be able to use their socially encouraged emotional skills to carry out a tactful, clean break-up, they may also feel confined by the size of their community and a hostile response from the outside world.


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