Two people are fired for forcing students to read the Bible to punish them for being LGBT


Two members of staff in a school district were suspended as two students claimed they were discriminated against by them on the basis of sexuality. In part, one lesbian student said she and her girlfriend were rudely harassed, but the senior staff did not react on their complaint. The former pupil revealed that one example of the discrimination involved a teacher comparing marriage with a person of the same sex to marrying a dog. The teacher was forced to apologize but as the student walked away she heard him repeating the same words as he did not know she could still hear him. She also was told that as she ‘chose’ to be a lesbian she would be gone to hell. The principal of North Bend High School, Bill Lucero, and school resource officer Jason Griggs were both removed from their jobs following a settlement between the school district and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Oregon earlier this week. As well as requiring the removal of the members of staff involved in the discrimination, the settlement also requires the school district to work with the ACLU to provide anti-discrimination training. The school district will also face extra scrutiny from the state’s Board of Education for the next five years.


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