Wales is to introduce LGBT-inclusive SRE


The announcement comes 30 years on from the imposition of Section 28 in schools in Wales, England and Scotland. This law banned speaking about LGBT issues at schools. Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is already is a part of the basic curriculum in Wales, however, it is up to schools whether to include LGBT issues in it or not. Under an overhaul the subject will become Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE), which will become a statutory subject from 2022. It will teach forming happy and healthy relationships and extend teachings of the basic biology. In addition to covering “a much broader understanding of sexuality that is fully inclusive of LGBTQI+ learners,” the subject will include “wider issues such as consent, domestic abuse and respecting diversity.” Welsh Education Secretary Kirsty Williams says that the relationships education requires modernization as soon as possible. RSE will become statutory from the age of five to 16 under the changes, with an “age-appropriate curriculum” put in place. Parents and religious schools will keep opt-outs. The news comes after an expert panel led by Emma Renold, Professor of Childhood Studies at Cardiff University, drew up recommendations for reforms.


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